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Webinar: When Foreign Businesses or Individuals Want to Finance New or Expanded U.S. Activities, How Can they Finance Them?
Join us on Wednesday, November 15th for a live webinar on When Foreign Businesses or Individuals Want to Finance New or Expanded U.S. Activities, How Can they Finance Them? Register for 8-9 AM PT for Americas and EMEA attendees here: Register for 7-8 PM PT for Asia Pacific attendees here: Don't miss this opportunity to […]
Unlocking the American Dream: How the E-2 Visa Paves the Way for Entrepreneurs and Investors
Introduction In the vast tapestry of opportunities that America offers, the E-2 visa stands out as a golden ticket for ambitious entrepreneurs and savvy investors. This unique visa category facilitates the path to living and working in the United States, making it an excellent solution for those seeking to establish a personal or business foothold […]
Bring your Brand to the States
Expanding your business to the United States? Simply moving your business to the United States? Don’t forget brand protection through trademark registration. Brand protection in the United States differs from most countries. Some common law trademark rights may be obtained by actual use here, but registered trademarks rights are likely to result in stronger protection. […]
Advice For Setting Up A Business in the US and/or California
Coming to Los Angeles, California – Make sure you have your research completed before you make an investment, hire a key employee, or enter a business partnership. Conduct a Due Diligence investigation. Ask questions on what type of searches can be performed to give you a comprehensive background into the partners or even real estate […]
Los Angeles Housing Market Trends. Quarter 2, 2023.
We live out of the country and are considering selling our US home. Is this a good time to sell?How can we best maximize net value (proceeds) and what are our US/California tax consequences? International home Buyers and Sellers are on the rise in Los Angeles, and in California, as well as to other major […]
Do I need a US will or trust for my US assets?
If you are a non-US person buying real estate or forming a business entity in the US, one consideration should be what would happen to those assets in the event of your death. Who would manage them, and how and to whom would they pass? Would your will from your home country be recognized in […]

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