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Walter Killmer
Best Ways to Give Back to Your Community Through Charities
Southern California offers many opportunities for newcomers to give back to their community through charities. Volunteering for local nonprofit groups is an easy way to meet your neighbors, make business contacts, and contribute to the community. More than in some other countries, the US relies on private funding and volunteer efforts to support many educational, […]
Michael Hiatt Realty
How Covid 19 Affected The Los Angeles Real Estate Market
Covid 19 certainly affected Los Angeles, but Luxury real estate is alive and well. Los Angeles. Home to global events are as common here as local events that are intercepted globally: Historically low Interest rates. Pandemic viruses. Stock markets on global scale roller coasters. The loss of a true world champion, Laker, Kobe Bryant. Amidst […]
John I. Forry
How Do New 2021 Tax Changes Impact Foreign Businesses?
The new U.S. Administration has ambitious 2021 tax changes, so foreign individuals and businesses arriving in the U.S. should be sure to plan for them. Examples of proposed changes Top U.S. corporate tax rate may increase from 21% (under the previous Trump Administration) to 28%. U.S. tax rate on one broad category of income from […]
Paul Supnik Copyright and Trademark
How to Protect Your Website from Copyright Infringement
Hiring a webmaster to create a new website with search engine optimization is an overlooked copyright infringement liability. Many webmasters lack the training needed to fully protect your website. To generate interest, webmasters add public photographs and video to the site. Depending on the images and how rights are acquired, these may attract litigation. Avoiding […]
Walter Killmer Will and Testament
Do I Need to Change My Will if I Move to The US?
Making a new Will is probably the last thing on the mind of someone investing in or moving to California from outside the United States. Taking a look at your Will can usually wait, but it is important to have it reviewed by a California lawyer. A Will drafted according to the laws of another […]
Amanda Bar Content Cluster
How to Develop a Content Cluster Strategy for A New Business
Let’s be honest, every article explaining content cluster strategy says the same thing. Focus on quality over keyword quantity – optimize and reorganize existing content – choose topics that demonstrate your expertise. These talking points are essential, but they are frustrating to new businesses or ones trying to grow. Each example always includes a website […]



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