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Do I need a US will or trust for my US assets?
If you are a non-US person buying real estate or forming a business entity in the US, one consideration should be what would happen to those assets in the event of your death. Who would manage them, and how and to whom would they pass? Would your will from your home country be recognized in […]
New Disclosure Rules for Certain Foreign-Owned Companies
Foreign Companies In the USA When foreign or non-U.S. companies or individuals wish to register or incorporate a company in the United States, they may wish to keep their involvement with the company confidential. There are legitimate business reasons for keeping involvement in a new company confidential, for example owner anonymity may prevent competitors from […]
Intellectual Property Are you a business using intellectual property – such as software, trade secrets, trademarks or tradenames, copyrighted materials, patents, or other intellectual material? Strategies for US tax-savings for your intellectual property may add substantial value to your business! Strategy 1 Take advantage of special federal tax deductions and tax credits, as well as capital […]
The State of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles – 2022
In a recent report on US cities with the highest unaffordability index based on the cost of goods, rents, and real estate prices, Los Angeles did not make the top 10.
U.S. Federal Tax-saving Provisions For Establishing U.S. Residence or Business
How foreign individuals and businesses planning U.S. activities can take advantage of existing U.S. federal tax-saving provisions.
How a CFO can help Non-US Businesses Enter the US Market
CFOs can improve the lives of international business owners by understanding their business goals for the US market and by removing barriers that get in the way of them achieving those goals.

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