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Michael Hiatt2
The Essential Business Of Residential Real Estate
The Federal Government reclassified Residential Real Estate as “Essential Services.” The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency made this decision because residential real estate is essential for economic and national security. The Federal government set local health and safety guidelines that allow the businesses of residential and commercial sales and leases […]
Adam Schorr blog
Is COVID-19 a Defense for Breach of Contract
Many businesses are severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and as a result may be unable to perform obligations under their signed contracts. If the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing a company from performing its obligations under a contract, can the company avoid liability for breach? The answer may depend on whether the contract contains a […]
adam bar
The Economic Impact of Covid-19 Lockdowns
There is no doubt that Covid-19 lockdowns will have an impact on the economy, but there are a few things to consider. Here’s a quick refresher: a correction is defined as a decline of 10% or greater from a recent high in the financial markets. Corrections can last anywhere from days to months, but few […]



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