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Unlocking the American Dream: How the E-2 Visa Paves the Way for Entrepreneurs and Investors
Introduction In the vast tapestry of opportunities that America offers, the E-2 visa stands out as a golden ticket for ambitious entrepreneurs and savvy investors. This unique visa category facilitates the path to living and working in the United States, making it an excellent solution for those seeking to establish a personal or business foothold […]
Advice For Setting Up A Business in the US and/or California
Coming to Los Angeles, California – Make sure you have your research completed before you make an investment, hire a key employee, or enter a business partnership. Conduct a Due Diligence investigation. Ask questions on what type of searches can be performed to give you a comprehensive background into the partners or even real estate […]
New Disclosure Rules for Certain Foreign-Owned Companies
Foreign Companies In the USA When foreign or non-U.S. companies or individuals wish to register or incorporate a company in the United States, they may wish to keep their involvement with the company confidential. There are legitimate business reasons for keeping involvement in a new company confidential, for example owner anonymity may prevent competitors from […]

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