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How to Find the Owner of a Private Company With Due Diligence
These due diligence steps can help you find the owner of any private company.
The GPSLA Business Guide to Due Diligence
Due diligence is the investigative research process required in making a business or investment decision like forming a partnership, hiring an employee or purchasing a stock.
Why Cybersecurity is Important to Businesses
a major reason why cybersecurity is so important to businesses is that, 26% of American law firms have experienced a data breach with consequences ranging from loss of data and billable hours to unauthorized access to sensitive information.
How To Get Free US College Money for International Students
If you live outside the United States and want to send your child to a US college, you should know the type of free money opportunities you can use to pay for tuition. It’s no secret that college in the United States has become expensive. US public colleges and universities offer a cost of attendance […]
What The Great Wealth Transfer Means for LA Real Estate
The great transfer of wealth or what I’m calling the Millennial Migration is underway. Los Angeles Real Estate will soon see the largest shift in buyer and seller demographics. Affluence and wealth transfer coupled with the optimal generational cycle is a long-term trend for a new generation of families and individuals. Over the next 5 […]
Preparing for Private School Admissions Process In Covid Era
The pandemic has affected just about every facet of life. This we already know. And for people in the admissions process for K-12 private schools, the constraints of COVID-19 are presenting new and never-before-seen challenges. In the good old days, you went to a school’s open house event, a coffee with the Head of School […]



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