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The State of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles – 2022
In a recent report on US cities with the highest unaffordability index based on the cost of goods, rents, and real estate prices, Los Angeles did not make the top 10.
U.S. Federal Tax-saving Provisions For Establishing U.S. Residence or Business
How foreign individuals and businesses planning U.S. activities can take advantage of existing U.S. federal tax-saving provisions.
How a CFO can help Non-US Businesses Enter the US Market
CFOs can improve the lives of international business owners by understanding their business goals for the US market and by removing barriers that get in the way of them achieving those goals.
How to Find the Owner of a Private Company With Due Diligence
These due diligence steps can help you find the owner of any private company.
The GPSLA Business Guide to Due Diligence
Due diligence is the investigative research process required in making a business or investment decision like forming a partnership, hiring an employee or purchasing a stock.
Why Cybersecurity is Important to Businesses
a major reason why cybersecurity is so important to businesses is that, 26% of American law firms have experienced a data breach with consequences ranging from loss of data and billable hours to unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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