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Larry Margo Realty
The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Los Angeles
There are currently two opposing trends in the commercial real estate market in the greater Los Angeles area that provide investment opportunities: vacancies in the office market continue to increase, but the demand for industrial, open-air storage is exceeding capacity. Opportunities in Tenant Vacancy First, the office market continues to show wear and tear from […]
Adam Bar Risk and Wealth
Are You Overpaying? When to Appeal Property Tax Assessment
Between 30 percent and 60 percent of taxable real estate has an inflated assessment. Moreover, typically fewer than 5 percent of taxpayers appeal the assessed value of their real property.¹ Giving these statistics, there is a good chance that you are paying too much in property taxes. For homeowners and business owners who think their […]
Paul Supnik Copyright
How to Decide the Best Trademark for Your Brand
There are many factors business owners overlook when deciding the best trademark for their brand. Early careful consideration of brand selection may result in financial savings, improve your competitive position and avoid expensive legal complications. The Difference Between a Distinctive and Descriptive Trademark An important aspect of that selection process is choosing between a descriptive […]
Patricia Kotze Covid Test
How to Best Protect Employees From Covid-19 Without Violating CDC Guidelines
On a daily basis, businesses hear of more guidance on how to keep everyone safe from coming in contact with the COVID-19 Coronavirus – and you as the employer have the most valuable asset, which is your employees! Employers Choice Screening among many of our other health tests for employers is now offering Non-Contact Infrared […]
Larry Margo Realty
How LA Real Estate is Recovering from Covid-19
Demand for apartments is starting to pick up again. The downtown area and expensive units are still slowly coming out, while outlying areas have seen a drop in vacancy rates. Besides, buildings have maintained their values throughout the pandemic, which should be good for investors coming in from overseas. Also, because of the pandemic and […]
David Fullmer Immigration Lawyer
How Chinese Residents Can Overcome US Immigration Backlog
Millions of Chinese residents are facing unprecedented delays in immigrating from China to the US. As the number of COVID-19 fatalities continues to rise, these obstacles keeping Chinese residents locked within their borders are a tragic aspect overlooked by many. Most countries in the world will not allow people who have been in China to […]



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