How a CFO can help Non-US Businesses Enter the US Market

CFOs can improve the lives of international business owners by understanding their business goals for the US market and by removing barriers that get in the way of them achieving those goals. Consult with a Strategic Business Advisor about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of appointing a full-time or part-time CFO when entering the US market..

If you are planning to startup or transition an international business into the US then I can help you accomplish that while reducing both business risks and costs in the process.

The benefits of engaging a CFO for your business:

  • Leveraging the benefits of a CFO’s US experience and knowledge against the relatively low cost of part-time engagement of a CFO.
  • Strategic advice related to the transition of an existing non-US business versus the potential formation of a new US business.
  • Hands-on assistance in the formation of new business entities or local establishment of existing foreign business entities entering the US market.
  • Strategic advice related to operating US businesses and the risks involved.
  • Strategic advice related to onboarding, staffing, and business management, including payroll management and payroll taxes.
  • Hands-on assistance and advice related to setting up and managing accounting systems.
  • Strategic advice relating to business plans, growth strategy, and taxation, including introductions to tax attorneys for overall tax advice and CPAs who can file your US tax returns.
  • Hands-on implementation of disciplined business reporting systems, monthly financial reports, performance dashboards/financial analysis ratios, budgeting, and financial forecasting.
  • Hands-on management of cash flows, working capital, and establishment of working relationships with bankers and lenders
  • Introductions to key professionals in the GPSLA network who will take care of many other international business needs to enter the US market.

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