How to Best Protect Employees From Covid-19 Without Violating CDC Guidelines

On a daily basis, businesses hear of more guidance on how to keep everyone safe from coming in contact with the COVID-19 Coronavirus – and you as the employer have the most valuable asset, which is your employees!

Employers Choice Screening among many of our other health tests for employers is now offering Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Tests and COVID-19 Antibody Testing Results, mobile onsite at your place of business at a time and schedule that fits your needs. All employees will acknowledge the tests to be performed and the results will be sent to the appropriate company representative promptly – most cases in less than an hour.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The EEOC, OSHA, and the Employment Law Legal Community have all issued guidelines for employers to follow without violating any ADA or discrimination laws for any protected categories to be able to safely and legally request employees to submit to testing, receive confidential results and continue to work or return to work safely and healthy.

Non-contact Infrared Thermometers Readings

It is not the intention of ECS to diagnose an acute or active disease or illness in our clients. However, due to the nature of the spread of COVID-19, all clients shall first have a temperature taken prior to entering the facility in order to identify those clients who might be experiencing a higher body temperature or fever. For our testing purposes, any client whose body temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit should not be permitted to enter the facility or take the antibody test.

Antibody tests are an effective way to evaluate immunity. Because our knowledge of COVID-19 immunity is still evolving, the following recommendations are conservative estimates for patient behavior after testing and are modeled after SARS-CoV comparison research and H1N1 Antibody distributions. These diseases were used for modeling due to similar pathogenesis and persistent antibodies/immunity status for several years after exposure or vaccination.

Please note that all antibody tests should be performed on completely asymptomatic individuals – conservatively, at least seven days since last symptom or never symptomatic. If test is performed earlier than that, the clinical reliability may be compromised.

Negative IgG, Negative IgM (two possibilities):

The patient has never encountered COVID-19 and is healthy but susceptible. Continue social distancing protocols.

An unlikely secondary option: The patient is latently infected with COVID-19 and maybe a carrier, even without symptoms. Continue social distancing protocols.

Negative IgG, Positive IgM:

Early stages of antibody response. Possible virus carrier. Continue social distancing for at least 5 to 7 additional days after cessation of symptoms.

Positive IgG, Positive IgM:

Recent infection. Suggests possible functional immunity. It may be safe to return to work if asymptomatic for at least seven (7) days. Follow local, state, or federal guidelines regarding social distancing and return to non-essential jobs.

Positive IgG, Negative IgM:

Past infection. Suggests functional immunity. It may be safe to discontinue social distancing. It may be safe to return to work. Follow local, state, or federal guidelines regarding social distancing and return to non-essential jobs.

Please do not hesitate to contact Patty directly for more information.

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