Amanda Bar, Performance & Business Consultant

Amanda Bar, Performance & Business Consultant

Amanda Bar is a Performance & Business Consultant who works with startups and small businesses to find money, make money, and keep it. Amanda believes the quickest way to success is working on your business, not just in it. She has worked with many companies to transform their brand while building and growing their operation. In addition, Amanda is a certified educator with an innate skill to bring complex ideas into a practical process for implementation that produces results. Amanda holds a Marketing Degree from the School of Business at Oklahoma State University.


Company: RTB Capital Group
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Several multinational corporations or MNCs have found success in establishing their headquarters outside of their home country or maintaining multiple offices in international countries. The leading countries for setting up a company's MNC headquarters are the US, China, Japan, Germany, etc. Out of the roughly 2000 multinational corporations, just over 700 are headquartered in the US, including Walmart, Facebook, Amazon, Procter & Gamble, Apple, and Mastercard, to name a few. In addition, some companies have done well throughout the world, which started in a foreign country, such as IKEA (Netherlands), Toyota (Japan), and Volkswagen (Germany). Yet most found their success in the US first and then moved overseas. So if you are looking for guidance on a roll-out plan to penetrate the US market or establish your headquarters in the US but are not sure how to navigate the red and blue oceans of competition, then let’s chat.
One of the best and underused marketing strategies for new companies or new companies to the US is partnership marketing. The ability to leverage other companies or individual networks with a warm and open audience is the best way to build brand awareness and earned media. To make sure it's a slam dunk, set up a 6-month partnership marketing plan with your partners and build the platform with specialized landing pages, automated webinars, live events on Linkedin, and even a community if it makes sense.
The difference between a coach and a consultant is a coach helps bring out the answers from you for your personal or business struggles or situation, versus a Consultant who guides you through the business challenges, providing answers and solutions or ways to make your situation better. These two are easily confused, yet the work and the impact are worlds different. Therefore, it is best to clarify which role they will play before hiring someone. A coach is a good option for those who want to work on themselves in their business, yet hire a consultant if you want guidance on your business actions and growth.


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