David Miller, Business Transition CFO

David Miller, Business Transition CFO

David Miller is a Business Transition CFO & Strategic Business Advisor, providing strategic business management and CFO advisory services to business owners and their privately held businesses.

He takes a view of business at both the shareholder/owner level and the corporate/commercial level. As a trusted business advisor and seasoned financial executive, he helps business owners on an as-needed basis to establish, develop, manage and sell their businesses.

Typically, David meets with clients, assesses the financials, strategizes with them on the way forward and implements and manages the agreed financial game plan with a view to stabilizing or growing the business while enhancing the cash flow. The result is increased personal wealth and less stress for business owners.


Company: David Miller & Associates
Email: davidjmillerusa@gmail.com
Phone: 310-989-8665

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David Miller’s FAQs

Consult with your Strategic Business Advisor on an agreed monthly timetable to discuss business management and cash management strategy. Improve accounting processes to get quality reports, including a daily/weekly/monthly business performance dashboard, about the business. Aggressively manage working capital and renegotiate terms with customers and vendors: take action to collect Accounts Receivable items that are outstanding outside collection terms. Take action to lower Inventory levels and inventory costs. Take action to pay Accounts Payable items according to payment terms. Undertake capital expenditures only if absolutely necessary and finance these expenditures using long term bank loans. Review the trend in monthly operating cash flow numbers on the daily/weekly/monthly business performance dashboard on a weekly/monthly basis.
Consult with your Strategic Business Advisor to discuss key strategic decisions relating to business plans/concerns. Improve efficiencies within your business to increase Net Profits (including EBITDA) and the value of your business. Build a successful exit strategy team including team manager, investment banker, CPA tax specialist, M&A attorney, wealth manager, IT specialist and insurance specialist. Follow a step-by-step process to sell your business beginning with the end result in mind. Find the right buyer. Review financial results including Adjusted EBITDA and projected financial results monthly. Research an applicable Multiplier to apply to the ongoing Adjusted EBITDA to calculate the business valuation and review monthly. Plan and prepare for the due diligence activities that the buyer will require. Research seller tax implications on sale of the business. Research seller lifestyle implications on sale of the business. Become a real shareholder by stepping outside the daily executive suite and delegate review and action relating to the business operations.
Consult with your Strategic Business Advisor about the business growth strategy and proposed game plan. Review the business monthly financial reports and performance dashboards including the current year actual/forecast results and 3-year forward projections. Review the business plan including business value proposition, competitor list, sustainable competitive advantages, and swot analysis. Compare Adjusted EBITDA/Adjusted EBITDA per Share/Company Valuation: current operations scenario (pre capital raise) compared to the future growth operations scenarios (post capital raise) applying a varying % for a range of equity participations decide % of required external equity participation to meet growth goals. Firstly, engage with the Federal Government Small Business Administration representatives to secure government backed guaranteed loans with Commercial and Business Banks. Secondly, engage with the following funding sources: Business Banks, Merchant Banks, Angel Investors, Angel Groups, Factors (AR financing), Lenders (PO financing), Asset-Based Lenders, Family Offices, Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Investment Bankers, Corporate Incubators and Crowd Funding Platforms.


David’s Articles

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