Javier Cuesta, Talent Management Expert

Javier Cuesta, Talent Management Expert

Javier is the Managing Partner at Bedford and Bailey, an Executive Search and Coaching Firm. He actively advises international and local Boards and CEOs in acquiring, developing, and managing talent. Based in Marina del Rey (CA), Javier brings 15 years of experience in leading Executive Assessments projects and Board Reviews. Throughout his experience as a C-Suite Advisor, he has recruited more than 300 CEOs and Non-Executive Directors in key markets (Energy, Food & Beverages, Agricultural, Tech (FoodTech, Agtech, FinTech), Infrastructure, Diversified Manufacturing, Automotive & Mobility, Transport & Logistics). JC is a Member of the Executive Coaching team at IESE Business School (Ranked #1 in Financial Times) and collaborates with Universidad San Pablo CEU. Javier has lived and worked in the US, Europe, and LATAM. Given his multinational experience and multicultural approach, Javier has led international search engagements and leadership projects.


Javier Cuesta
Managing Partner
C: 310 710 3321
Bedford & Bailey – Talent Management Experts

Javier Cuesta’s FAQs

Since 2020, the job market has become more competitive than ever. Attracting top talent to your organization starts by setting the right strategy in place to ensure you widen the space to recruit the best professionals. Work-Life balance, flexibility, and accountability are the main drivers in the current market. I would also suggest a big focus on DEI strategies to secure diverse ideas, backgrounds, and origins which boosts the company's performance. Lastly, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook) are a priority in sourcing, connecting, and engaging top employees; more than ever, companies need to use social media as a way to attract new talent to their organizations.
Most of the time, unit leaders make gut-based decisions to promote, develop and manage people. Every executive in a managerial position uses their team experience and capital knowledge, combining that with external tools like executive assessments (Hogan, B5Plus, Disc, Caliper) will provide more data to improve the decision-making process and the career planning of the people on the team. Successful team management will be the foundation for the long-term engagement of the employees with the corporate brand.
Bringing overseas employees is a great solution to bring diversity and out-of-the-box thinking to the business. When moving an executive (and their families) to the US, it's important to have a smooth transition. Adapting to the new culture, team dynamics and ways of working and living is not easy. Using mentoring, advisory or executive coaching will help create awareness and initiatives from the executive. Moving between countries is a personal and professional growth experience and impacts people's lives and professional performance to a level they would have never imagined.

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