Priya Nambiar, Private School Consultant

Priya Nambiar, Private School Consultant

With over 20 years in education and a decade of experience as the Associate Director of Admissions at two independent schools in Los Angeles, Priya Nambiar understands the private school admissions landscape from an insider’s perspective. As an Educational Consultant and founder of Nambiar Advising, she focuses on pre-school through 12th grade and helps her clients through every aspect of the application process, from managing timelines and strengthening applications to understanding the cultures of the various schools. 

First and foremost, however, Priya’s mission is to help children and families find the right schools for them. It’s about identifying where a child will have confidence, fit in, and thrive, and where families can feel like part of a greater community. Her services include general overview information, child assessments, best-fit school identification, interview preparation, essay editing, process organization, and more.

Priya attended Crystal Springs Upland School, a private school in the Bay Area, and earned a B.A. in Education from Brown University and a Masters of Education from Harvard University. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and identical twin daughters.


Company: Nambiar Advising
Phone: 323-630-7182
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