Walter Killmer, Trusts & Estates Attorney

Walter Killmer, Trusts & Estates Attorney

Walter T. Killmer, Jr. is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP.  For more than thirty years, Walter has represented individuals, families, fiduciaries and nonprofit organizations in the areas of estate and trust planning, fiduciary administration and charitable giving.

In his international practice, Walter advises non-US persons seeking to invest in the US or who own US assets; non-US persons seeking to make gifts to US family members or create trusts for their benefit; and US residents who are nationals of another country and may have assets in multiple jurisdictions.

Before moving to Los Angeles in 2006, he practiced in New York at two large international law firms, serving at the latter as head of the trusts and estates practice for seven years. Walter’s clients include business owners, corporate executives, professionals, artists, families with dynastic wealth, and executors and trustees.


Company: Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
Phone: 213-358-7214
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Walter Killmer’s FAQs

The primary categories of assets are real property located in the US, tangible personal property (such as the contents of a home) located in the US, and stock in a US corporation. Certain other types of assets may also be subject to estate tax.
No single structure is suitable for every situation. Any ownership structure has income, gift, estate and property tax considerations.
Gifts by a non-US person of US real property or US tangible personal property are subject to US gift tax. If not properly structured, a gift of cash may be considered tangible personal property and subject to US gift tax. Finally employers who are in need of international workers should consider that the US has treaties with 5 countries for visas that are similar to the H-1B visa but which do not require going through the H-1B lottery: Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore and Chile.


Walter’s Articles

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